Our Services

Henkemeyer Coatings protects your building from the elements. From controlling air flow in and out of the building to waterproofing the building below grade to protective painting, partner with Henkemeyer Coatings for superior building performance and a smooth subcontracting experience.

Air Barriers

According to the United States Department of Energy, uncontrolled air leakage due to improper air barrier placement and installation accounts for 30–40 percent of the cost of heating and cooling a building. 

Air barrier systems control airflow in and out of a building’s structure, increasing its energy efficiency. Installing a proper air barrier controls a building’s air leakage and enhances the efficiency of its heating and cooling systems. 

Henkemeyer Coatings installs fluid-applied air barriers and self-adhering sheet membranes. We take pride in installing effective, industry-leading air barrier systems while meeting our customers’ tight schedules and budgets. 

The Henkemeyer Coatings team is recognized in the industry for our experience and insight to accurately consult with our partners on the proper air barrier type and material selection for each project. Our team is accredited, trained, and certified through our manufacturers and the Air Barrier Association of America to ensure the highest-quality performance of the air barrier systems we install. Our management team and applicators know that designing and installing an effective air barrier system starts with understanding where potential problem areas exist and choosing high-performance materials that will improve efficiency. Our team works from the top down with architects, general contractors, and testing administrators to ensure quality, accuracy, and efficacy of the air barrier system. We have vast experience and knowledge, partnering with leading manufacturers and working to the highest standards in the industry.


While a building’s design and finishes typically receive the most attention, it’s the unseen components that often have the greatest impact on the building’s performance and lifespan. Waterproofing is a critical step in the construction process. It keeps the building structurally sound and watertight. Designing buildings with waterproofing in mind protects them from future damage and costly repairs.

The Henkemeyer Coatings team offers our construction partners experience and insight on types of waterproofing, waterproofing products, and the waterproofing application process. Our trained and experienced team is proficient in various waterproofing techniques. We know the importance of meeting timelines, working within tight schedules and respecting project budgets.

Henkemeyer Coatings has extensive experience installing various waterproofing systems including self-adhering, bentonite membranes, HDPE membranes, cold liquid applied, bituminous damp-proofing, and foundation insulation. Whether the project requires vertical wall, horizontal under slab or blindside waterproofing, we have the expertise to meet your project demands.

Commercial Painting

As a leader in the commercial painting industry, Henkemeyer Coatings has a reputation for working to the highest standard in quality and craftsmanship. We know a high-quality paint job leaves a lasting impression and finishes a space. Our team’s years of experience selecting the appropriate materials and applying the right techniques is what sets us apart and helps protect your investment in the long term.

With more than 100 combined years of painting experience, the Henkemeyer Coatings team has the capacity and logistical knowledge to navigate commercial painting projects of various sizes and environments. Our team can accommodate your project to minimize disruption to your business or operations. Our staff understands how to reach your goals in completing a project in a timely manner within budgetary constraints.

Henkemeyer Coatings offers an array of technical painting and wall-covering services for both interior and exterior applications. We collaborate with our clients on color selection and material types to fulfill their design and functional goals. We work with the leading manufacturers in the industry to find the best materials, from latex paint to high-build industrial epoxy coatings. We deliver the highest quality standard in the industry, period.